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This page is general information that applies to ALL the game servers. These pages are here to help you install, operate and modify your servers. We dont know everything, there are some gameservers we know very little about, so if you see some incorrect or missing information, please let us know.

Server Installs

Servers can be hosted either on Windows or Linux Dedicated machines. Some games only run on Windows, otherwise we are using Linux servers. All of our gameservers are installed using SteamCMD if supported otherwise we install the gameservers on our system and use 'Rsync' to copy them to your fresh installation. All the gameservers are installed EXACTLY as they would be if you installed them at home. So any instructions you read on the internet will work with our servers.

My Gameserver doesnt start

When your server was installed, did you connect to it and it worked? Did you make any changes to it since then? If so then try to revert the changes back to the original configuration, you probably have an error in some file or folder you edited. If all else fails, backup your files and WIPE your server, then start over. Can we help you? Maybe. Ask on Discord or submit a ticket and we will see if there is anything we can do.

How do I fix Missing/Corrupt files

On the Game Monitor, click on Install/Update and all the files will be overwritten with the originals … not a CLEAN install because it wont remove any NEW files but it will replace all the files you have edited or deleted.

Server Backups

All the game servers are backed up automatically once daily. Your own backups are your best bet though, especially before making any changes. Simply open the FILE MANAGER and make sure you are at your servers home folder. Click the BOX on the upper left to select ALL files/folders and then click COMPRESS. The entire server will be zipped up for you and in your home folder. You can then download it to your computer just by clicking on it, or leave it on the server to unzip later.

Server Restores

You have a backup on your computer or in your server folder, zipped up. Select the file and click on UNCOMPRESS and it will unzip overwriting all current files.
You dont have a backup and you need us to reinstall from our backup? Submit a TICKET or request in DISCORD (for security we will ask you to submit a ticket anyways). Keep in mind that our backup may be recent and will not restore the server to the state you want. Your backups are best.

How do I WIPE my server

  1. Open your FILE MANAGER
  2. click the CHECKBOX at the very top to select ALL
  3. Click the REMOVE button
  4. go back to the Game Monitor page and click INSTALL/UPDATE

What STARTUP PARAMETERS is my server using

If you want to see exactly what your gameserver is starting, look in the FILEMANAGER for the OGP_STARTUP.bat file

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