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This is where companies will usually give you the specifications of CPU ram and hard drive speed.

What you really want to know is, “ will my game server be responsive and leg free?” That really does not have a direct correlation to the hardware specifications, it is more directly tied to the server load. if we have hey top of the line dedicated server with the best CPU and 256 GB of RAM that doesn't mean anything if we are running 500 game servers on it, this server will be overloaded and will lag.

While we do use high-end CPUs and fast SSD hard drives, our game servers are responsive and lag free because we do not overload the server. Each dedicated server only runs the number and type of game servers that it can easily handle and we monitor this situation constantly.

that being said, what kind of hardware do we actually have? to be honest we can't say because we believe in redundancy and we'll have multiple servers with different hardware configurations..

But can provide you with for sure is current server loads which will give you a good idea of how responsive your game server will be, which is what you really want to know.

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