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The Dayz Wiki on server configuration . Most of this is already configured and wont need to be edited


db folder → events.xml - here you can change the minimum and maximum amount of certain entities to spawn.


db folder → globals.xml changes the values of certain game variables, such as item despawning (which is distance-based), zombie and animal counts. The variables in the mission files are completely undocumented which means that understanding what each variable does will come down to trial and error.


db folder → types.xml defines the different types of loot, and contains an entry for every single entity in the game. Inside the item configurations are parameters such as “lifetime” (likely used for the item despawning script), min quantity per map, “cost” (not sure what this could be used for), and “flags”, which defines whether the item is counted in your cargo, whether it was a crafted item, etc


Dayz Wiki: Messages This file in your db folder will send messages to players and can restart your dayz server after X minutes using the shutdown tag.


cfgeventspawns.xml This is a static list with the exact coordinates of the spawn points of various entities, heli crashes, vehicles, etc. This is useful if you want to spawn a vehicle exactly where your player is, or to make your player spawn right next to a vehicle, every time.

cfgplayersspawnpoints defines the file to pull potential spawn points from spawnpoints_players.bin (in this instance), this can be overridden by commenting out all of the other spawn points to just one specific spot, or changing the xyz variables of each point. Useful for Battle Royale or deathmatch servers - create two different spawn points and let the players go wild on each other.

cfgrandompresets details the probability of an item, zombie, or other entity spawning. This is a float value that reads as a percentage to the game - e.g. 0.1 would be a 10% likelihood of that particular item spawning. Loot types are broken up by location and category, e.g. “toolsVillage” is an array of the tools you might find in a small village, accompanied by the probability of that item spawning. You can edit the probability of military items spawning to 100% so you have guns + ammo everywhere. The probability of weapons spawning with attachments/ammo is also found here.

cfgspawnabletypes defines what items fit into which loot type array; “DryBag_Black” fits into the foodVillage, toolsIndustrial and mixHunter presets, likely meaning that the black dry bag can only be found in industrial areas, villages, and “hunting areas”. This also defines which zombies spawn where.


Editing your player's starting inventory can be done by editing the “init.c” file. If you open it in notepad++ and scroll down to the near bottom, you should see these lines of code:

  itemEnt = player.GetInventory().CreateInInventory("Rag");
  itemBs = ItemBase.Cast(itemEnt);
  itemEnt = player.GetInventory().CreateInInventory("RoadFlare");
  itemBs = ItemBase.Cast(itemEnt);

This code is the reason you always spawn with a rag and a flare. You can use this code to add more items to your starting inventory, duplicating the code used to create the other items, and then changing the entity name.

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