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Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead

There isnt much to getting this server up and running, but it is VERY easy to break. If you break it and it wont start, stop or whatever just let us know on Discord and we will get it all fixed up. If you want to validate your files read How to Validate with Steam. If you need to start all over and want to wipe your server, Read How to Wipe your Server

The only configuration file that Arma uses is the server.cfg which will be located in the cfg folder. The Official Documentation explains all the settings. Not much can go wrong here except the Mission Template. This must be correct or the mission wont load. For Security you need to rename your server.cfg file to something unique and random .. do this once your server is properly configured and ready to go live. Once its renamed, our Control Panel will not be able to update the server name which is no big deal.

If you install any mods, make sure you copy the provided keys into your KEYS folder. Also read the installation documentation for mods VERY CAREFULLY, incorrect settings will surely break your server. Just let us know and we can fix it up.

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