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I Are Gamer is the GameServer hosting company operated mainly by me, Frank Harris and a few part-time associates. We have been hosting game servers for 15 years (35 years if you count a 16 line BBS). In the 1990's we provided Internet Access nationally via dialup until the high-speed cable came along (thank god 2400baud died!)
We prefer to keep it small enough where we can get to know everyone we provide service for, thats you hopefully.

What is up with all the I Are stuff?
I was in the U.S. Navy as a Sonar Technician aboard the U.S.S Maryland SSBN 738. While we were in our A school in Groton Connecticut we would sometimes make jokes about our education, the 'I are educated' type thing. So when people asked what I did, the reply was “I are technician”. It was a running joke and when email came along I made iaretechnician my email userID. So when we started playing games, our website followed the theme, I Are Gamer. When we got dedicated servers, it was easier to remember them with subdomains.
yeah, its all kind of silly. I are sorry

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